Recycling Programs

Community Recycling Program

Hometown makes it easy to Go Green at your organization while raising money for projects of your choosing.  Our Community Recycling Program fosters environmental stewardship, can reduce your waste hauling costs and will show commitment to your community’s recycling efforts.

Our Community Recycling Program is available to non-profit organizations and places of worship. Our program rewards organizations for recycling cardboard and paper while inviting their supporters, and the community, to contribute their recyclable waste products.  Call us to start your Community Recycling Program today!


Some tips for success:

  • Place your Hometown Recycling container in a visible and accessible area. Location will make a big difference in the amount of cardboard and paper you collect.

  • Educate everyone within your organization. Encourage them to bring their paper from home and work to the designated site.

  • Reach out to the community and ask for their support - let them know your goals for the funds you raise.

  • Let your supporters know the RESULTS (!) of their efforts – both to your organization and the environment.

  • Hometown’s Community Recycling Program is a win-win for both our participating organizations and the environment. Start your recycling program today and begin earning funds for your organization.
Town of Ball Recycling Locations:

Town of Lecompte Recycling Locations: